LoQit Locker Management

LoQit is a flexible smart locker solution provided with a web portal for management, reader on each locker bank or reader on each locker door. Additional options include a keypad on each locker door, biometric reader on each locker bank and locker control via smartphone.

This solution is a full IP solution enabling a flexible installation that is managed via a web browser, with multiple integration possibilities including Active Directory, Access Control system integration and integration to any other business system via our web services SOAP XML and REST API integration module enabling a completely flexible and open solution.


Each lock comes complete with an internal light to provide users with visibility inside their locker when the door is open and a controllable 1A USB charging port which provides a secure location for users to charge their laptops, phones, tablets or other devices. USB and LED Lights can be enabled/disabled via locker bank defaults or user group permissions.

Doors can be programmed to function as required with no hardware modifications; ie upon a valid card being presented, doors can either be programmed to operate with Push to open, Pop open and Pull to open.


The LOQIT LMS may be accessed via the online application. This means that the administrator can perform his management tasks via any mobile device, but also from a stationary PC. After log-in, the administrator opens the LOQIT LMS Dashboard. The administrator may also create sub-administrators. These are users who have more rights than regular users. This includes, for instance, team leaders who may open a locker in an emergency.

In case of an emergency or a safety check, the administrator can open all lockers in a certain locker block at the touch of a button on the Dashboard. As well as using the LOQIT LMS, the administrator also has the option of performing his/her management tasks via the touch screen terminal.

The administrator can also easily use a mobile device to block the locker of a given user. This may be useful when a certain user is suspected of keeping illegal items in his/her locker. After being blocked, the user can no longer open the locker, and the security service or the police can be contacted.


The LOQIT LMS system is the option to access a locker via a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) by either the Web browser interface or by using the iPhone or Andriod native App.

The user screen shows the locker number as well as any messages. The online application can always be used in combination with other types of identification via the terminal.

The iPhone, Android and online web application works with any mobile device that has a browser. The web application can be accessed via the internet or locally available Wi-Fi. The option to unlock your locker via Bluetooth credential is also available as an option or via a 3rd party app or interface.