Geutebruck CCTV

Geutebrück is an expert in video management solutions. Our cutting-edge systems support companies in two key ways: In the field of video security systems, our solutions ensure that your company is protected against the damage that could be caused by unauthorised activity. But our products also help you to optimise your internal processes. By means of comprehensive logistics process documentation, you can identify weak points and potential risks. Correcting these issues increases your process efficiency and reduces error costs.


With Geutebruck video security solutions, you can monitor everything that’s important to you – but only when you need to. We’ll only get in touch with you if something out of the ordinary happens. As soon as you confirm that there is cause for concern, your predefined alarm procedures are set in motion. Our intelligent software also helps you to optimise and track all production processes, including shipments, via video images. We even offer comprehensive yard management solutions capable of monitoring every process and every person. However we help you, you can rest assured that all of our security and surveillance solutions are fully compliant with the strict guidelines of the GDPR.


The Geutebruck security information management system, G-SIM is the ultimate reliable assistant for managing, filtering and processing the vast quantities of security information generated by medium to large networked video security systems. It provides the best in video event handling and intuitive user operation, even for very extensive and highly complex systems with dozens of sites, thousands of cameras and numerous other alarm generating systems. G-SIM uses graphical representations which are quick and easy to understand and interpret, combined with familiar drag-and-drop functionality which only allows actions relevant to the prevailing situation. High levels of customisation provide each operator in the network with the information he needs in his own individually preferred format, quickly, intuitively and reliably.