Video Analytics

Video Analytics can be run on an edge device such as a camera, on a server or in the cloud, depending on the application and complexity analytics require a varied amount of processing power and algorithms. Video analytics can detect an event that would traditionally be detected by a security operator, things like object missing, abandoned, vehicle traveling in the wrong direction, person not wearing a face mask, and trip wire detection.

Video analytics can also perform more analytical tasks as well such as people counting, flow analytics, tracking, licence or number plate recognition.

Self-learning and AI artificial intelligence analytics can also be applied to certain scenes which learn what is normal and be trained, then over time they will detect unusual or abnormal activity.

Using machine learning a system can be trained to recognise a particular object such as a dog where by the system is shown 1,000’s of dogs, the AI algorithm then can differentiate a dog from a cat, this can be applied to any scene or business activity, such as boxes on a conveyor belt whereby damaged or open box triggers an alarm for someone to investigate.


Face Recognition is unique in its class because of its ability to detect features, assess the quality of a face images, and feature vector matching – as a fully integrated capability of its comprehensive and extensible video analytics platform. This results in more accurate matches, but also faster.


Analytics such as Breifcam can assist with reviewing hours of video footage within minutes by combining the changes in the scene over a number of hours to within 5 minutes to help find an object person or incident, filters can be applied to only show a certain direction of travel, colour of shirt, trucks or animals. This assists operators or investigators to find what they are looking for in order to act more efficiently.


License Plate Recognition capability enables managers and security teams to track vehicle activities in a fleet logistics or operations center, and locate particular vehicles by license plate number. Operators can track all vehicle activity on premises, such as vehicle entrances and exits, as well as off-premises activities.