What Are Security System Integrators (And How Can They Secure Your Business for Future Success)?

What Are Security System Integrators (And How Can They Secure Your Business for Future Success)?


The role of security system integrators is ever-evolving, deploying a wide variety of new products services, and innovations to protect businesses from the plethora of external threats. As such, it can be difficult to keep up with and fully understand what a security system integrator does.

That being said, even as technology changes and improves at such a rapid pace, the fundamental objectives of an SSI remain the same:

  • To implement the seamless coordination of security systems and subsystems to counter the rising number of physical and cyber threats.

This end is achieved by leveraging a wide variety of state-of-the-art software, networks, specialised security equipment, and hybrid IT solutions.

The very best security system integrators are experts in the following:

  • Managing access control elements…
  • Gates
  • Doors
  • Locks
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Security lighting
  • Network security
  • And much, much more!

But is it all worth it?



Why is having a Security System Integrator essential to your business?

Like it or not, security is arguably one of the most crucial business needs. Certainly, physical security has always been an important barrier against theft, violence, and vandalism. However, in this ever-digital age, the threat of cybersecurity continues to be one of the biggest organizational concerns that any business can face.

In Australia alone, the average cost of a data breach clocks in at $3.7 million! And despite that gargantuan number, only 15% of information assets are covered by insurance. Of course, we all know why that is: because of the “it will never happen to me,” attitude that most people inherently have.

It’s time to get yourself out of that line of thinking!

You see, it takes on average, 280 days (the best part of a year) to identify and contain a data breach. That, and 52% of all of these situations are caused by malicious attacks (as opposed to human error, gross negligence, and/or poor software).


Nothing is safe!

The more you digitalise your business, the greater the risk of attack. That’s not to say that you should avoid going digital at all costs. Quite the contrary in fact—businesses who embrace digitalization and automation across the board are experiencing significant success. However, what you do need to do, is ensure that you have the appropriate security systems in place.

You see, even your building’s climate control system can be vulnerable to attack! Even hospitals can be attacked through ransomware, derailing life-saving equipment such as ventilators. Would-be hackers are everywhere and nothing is safe from manipulation.

The fact is, with so much opportunity for cyber-intrusion, you simply cannot give them an excuse to target your business and steal your sensitive information.



What problems do Security System Integrators fix?

So, where do security system integrators come into all of this? What problems do they solve? SEE design, install, and manage security solutions to protect people like you, your data, and your property.

Certainly, there is a wide variety of different specialities under this security system umbrella, but as mentioned above, the fundamental mission is the same: secure and protect.

Some SSI provides “off the rack” solutions that are ready-made and may well fit into your business eco-system. However, others can provide several additional solutions and help to oversee the entire lifecycle of your security systems.

In this case, when it comes to the security of your business and future success, an “off the rack” solution isn’t what you need. You need highly personalised security systems and services that are designed for YOUR business.

We’re talking about custom-designed security plans that are installed, implemented, tested, managed, and maintained with your existing systems. Here’s what you should expect for your business (and nothing less):

  • A quality SSI will assess your security needs, and listen to your input
  • They will design a comprehensive and ‘holistic’ security system that fits your current system seamlessly
  • Install all appropriate hardware, software, and networks
  • Create additional security systems as is necessary
  • Train your employees to manage the systems onsite
  • Provide ongoing assessments, upgrades, and maintenance
  • All whilst keeping everything as simple and digestible for you and your employees



How to identify the best possible Security Systems Integrator for your business and needs?

Again, given the complexity of an SSI’s role, knowing what to look for in a security system integrator can be a daunting prospect. Here’s everything you need to know before making a final decision:

  • Expertise: As security threats continue to grow in number, you need to hire an SSI that is up-to-date with the latest technology and cyber security strategies. Either they’re on the pulse, or they’re lagging.
  • Efficiency: Automation and adaptation are crucial when managing multiple security systems. Smart moves save time, money, and energy! So, choose your SSI wisely.
  • Service: Not only should your SSI deliver a superior level of customer service, but they must also be able to scale with your business as you continue to grow and thrive. Will your SSI be able to meet your ever-evolving needs?
  • IT competency: Well-versed in IT and well as the physical security world. Coding, programming, troubleshooting, maintenance; are all crucial skills that your SSI must be highly competent in.
  • Culture: Does your SSI fit into your company culture? Do they share similar values to you?
  • Trust: Can you put your faith in your prospective SSI to hold the keys to your most sensitive and vital information?
  • Certification: Do the credentials match their bold claims? Certification demonstrates dedication to their craft.
  • Verified: Are they well-respected, certified, and verified by respected third-party sources?
  • Security: It’s all very well an SSI providing security for your business, but how secure is their data centre? Do they use state-of-the-art systems, such as biometrics, 24/7 in-person monitoring, with accurate data records?
  • Response: How quickly can they fix issues as they arise? What kind of relationship do they have with product/software manufacturers?
  • Gut: What is your gut feeling? Will they work well with you daily? Or will they set you up and leave you to your own devices?




And that about sums it up! With high-quality security systems in place, you will be safe to not only survive but thrive. Ultimate success comes to those who cover all of their bases. So, why take the risk and leave yourself exposed when you can batten down the hatches and keep any would-be hackers from stealing your sensitive information? When the future of your business is at stake…well, what more is there to say?