Product Overview: LoQit IP Based Locking System

Product Overview: LoQit IP Based Locking System

The LoQit solution is an online IP based cabinet/locker locking system that is flexible in design and managed via any standard web browser which can be hosted in the cloud or on the clients own onsite server. LoQit has multiple integration possibilities including Active Directory, access control system integration and integration to any other business system via the web services SOAP XML and REST API integration module enabling a completely flexible and open solution.


The LoQit Self Adjusting lock which was first available in Australia in July 2020 has been introduced to reduce the amount of installation time required to align the locking pin with the lock catch. On the previous model lock there was only a 2-3mm tolerance which often required installers to return multiple times during installation and after to adjust the lock due to settling and movements in the joinery. The new self-adjusting lock provides 10mm of adjustment vertically and horizontally, if the door is misaligned for some reason the locking pin self-locates to the new position without any user interaction. This has halved the time for installation and eliminated any return service calls to adjust locks.


The LoQit locking solution is adaptable to any cabinet door or drawer scenario. LoQit has adapted for many different applications including:

  • Integrated fridge drawer to ensure staff at a shared office don’t start Friday drinks too early.
  • An automated dry-cleaning locker which provides, an easy laundry drop off and pick up service, which notifies the dry cleaner of pick up and the employee when it has been cleaned and returned.
  • LoQit has been interfaced with Eftpos payment terminals for shopping centre locker hire which provides shoppers with a secure locker to store or charge their mobile phone whilst they shop and the shopping centre with another source of income.


LoQit is a flexible smart locker solution which utilises a web-based management portal for administration, there are multiple add on modules available for the LoQit locks such as;

  • LED at each door for indication of locker availability
  • RFID antenna for reading cards at each locker door
  • Keypad for opening locker door using a pin code at each locker door


Opening a locker from the recessed touch screen terminal is also possible with multiple modular add ons such as:

  • RFID reader in any format
  • pin code
  • biometric reader
  • Bluetooth reader
  • facial recognition
  • QR code
  • barcode
  • Automatic number plate recognition

Opening a locker via the web browser is also available along with the ability for the user to update their pin code and password. For greater convenience this is also possible within the LoQit Mobile app which is available for iPhone and Android.


Customers have also developed their own customised app with all the LoQit app features along with other building services. This reduces the amount of apps installed and combines all building services into one custom branded app or as some clients call it “One building, One App”.


The LoQit lock is predominantly used for the management and locking of day lockers in activity based, agile or hot desk office environments and end of trip (EOT) facilities. The LoQit lock has an integrated USB charger capable of 1.4 Amps which is 3 times that of its closest competitor and has 6 integrated high intensity LED’s used for lighting the internal space of the locker which is twice the amount of brightness as its closest competitor.


The LoQit software is customisable and flexible in design allowing systems to be branded as per the client’s requirements and setup to compliment any scenario or a mix of scenario’s


The touch screens can be customised, and wording can be modified quickly and easily without software customisation. Buttons can be relabelled, and different languages can be selected by users.


Lockers can be grouped into neighbourhoods or teams which assists activity-based working environments to be easily implemented and managed. Changes and alterations to teams are simple and quick with minimal effort via the web interface or done automatically via an interface into the HR system.


The REST API (application programming interface) provides LoQit with the ability to be integrated into almost any other system such as:

  • HR systems
  • base building data collection BIM system
  • base building access control system
  • base building mobile app


The functionality made available via the REST API has grown considerably over the past 6 months, this includes:

  • status of each individual locker (including availability, lock status, USB status, door status and if the locker was blocked or offline)
  • management of users
  • management of user credentials
  • changing of locker allocation or provision of USB or locker lighting
  • trigger card linking at a terminal for users to update their profile with a new card by presenting their new card to a terminal when requested.


LoQit has provided its customers with the benefit of an easy to manage or in some cases self-managed locker management system. This assists organisations in adapting an activity-based work environment, to increase productivity whilst reducing the amount of leased office space required. LoQit provides an audit trail and management interface with reporting for organisations to monitor usage and locker availability.

Other benefits include:


  • A custom branded web-based locker management system accessible from anywhere in the building via any web browser without the installation of any software.
  • A smart flexible locker solution where lockers can be easily reassigned to working neighbourhoods or for EOT either male or female areas depending on the position adjustable walls.
  • Ability to open lockers using a combination of physical cards, mobile Bluetooth credential, pin code, LoQit mobile app or Investa mobile app.
  • Locker grouping function which was used to assign selected tenants with a reserved number of lockers.
  • Ability for managers to change lockers from flexible assignment to permanently allocated lockers.

Automatically clear and open lockers with a scheduled task.